4.21. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
Géem, Rancheros & Jucca Melancholic, Dohányhangú Szépleány


Géem is a Hungarian indie folk singer who sees the beauty in the difficulties of everyday life through live music. He is the keyboardist and vocalist of Parvaro, cinematographer and colourist of the Little Moon series.
After years of playing on the streets and outshouting audiences in various pubs, he now shows us the kind of music he plays when he’s home alone. His sound, inspired by John Mayer, Matt Corby and Ben Howard, is an attempt to combine acoustic elements with electronic music to create a sound that can be heard on stage, as it will be on his forthcoming debut album.

Dohányhangú Szépleány

“In the early days of Dohányhangú Szépleány, the artists provided the soundtrack for house parties and lakeside evenings with their ironic, occasionally melancholic compositions. Later, the band expanded to five members, and with the new instruments, the songs became more upbeat, danceable and musically innovative. Despite the polyphonic nature of the songs and the experimentation with rhythm and harmonies, the catchy lyrics and melodies echo in the audience’s minds on the night bus ride home.”

Rancheros & Jucca Melancholic

Melancholic electronic family indie-pop by former Human Ramen member Vendel and high school
and his high school sister Sári, composed in the farm country of Tarr Béla. Their material so far is a mix of nostalgia, freedom, adventurousness and bittersweetness. During the evening with their dear friend, Judith Bárány.

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