2.10. Friday 19:00 → Main hall

Flanger Kids: Fanny Gyarmati and Panka Szczuka’s electronic bedroom duo has been tearing us away from reality and transporting us to other states of being with their songs since 2020. The ethereal vocals are paired with a contrasting musical texture, which is sometimes softer, sometimes raw or even chaotic.
Cancel., rapper, producer, artist, multi-media creator and as he describes himself: a maniac. Telekom Electronic Beats 2022 named him one of the best emerging artists in Hungary. His video Disappointed also won an award at the Hungarian Klipszemle. His music has alternative hip-hop R&B and trip-hop elements, but also a very strong emotional charge. In Turbina he will perform with a new stage line-up.

Both predecessors are released by Move Gently, a label run by Balázs Zságer.

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