2.15. Thursday 17:00 → Exhibiton space
Feabruar Veraison at the Turbina!

Zsendülés – Veraison, the collective of the three cellars of Mád and Tállya in Tokaj, will join the first night of the revived NVC party series at Turbina on 15 February! We will be waiting for you in the above bistro from 5 pm to midnight with an unusual, party-heavy Rendezvous fair and tasting!
Dorka Homoky: she carries on the family estate in Tállya, where she also makes her own selection of wines under her name. She mainly deals in furmint and lime, but she will also be bringing her pét-nats to the fair, and you can buy a limited amount of her Danish collaboration cider.
Zsirai Winery. She offers more classic batches, tradition, spontaneous barrel fermentation and ageing, and serious aszú.
TR: a project of three friends who work in the Tállya area (the infamous Palota vineyard) and have a cellar in Mád. Youthful, dynamic flavours, a clean concept: 1 dry, 1 sweet, 1 pét-nat every year.

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