2.17. Saturday 21:00 → Club hall

World music electronics, tribal steps and surprising twists for a whole night!
Ancient instruments and modern technology meet to find common ground in a mate – unicum on Saturday 17 February at Turbina. There will be a handpan, a kaval, a doromb and of course no shortage of gadgets.
Ethnotech has only just turned 1 year old, but it has already grown from a series of events to a music collective (made up of Obadu, NovaN, Zakhorov, Cord, Baladi, Meo Culpa, Diznaray and EarthJam) and will soon be a community label!

Obadu’s music features elements of Hungarian and Romanian folk music in a new electronic arrangement. The kaval, the shepherd’s pipe and the flute play a prominent role in his music, which he combines with drum rhythms found in hip-hop and Latin American music. His genre is diverse, but at the same time his unique style is evident in each of his tracks.
He is the proud owner of two EPs and is about to release a full-length album.

Handpan-centric Organika Sound opens hearts with ambient and organic house tunes.
Adél Szirtes has been touring on handpan for years, which she has since added other vibrating instruments and now backed up with electronic foundations live.
She debuted her project in May last year to a sold-out audience at the Turbina, and since then she has toured numerous festivals with it, in addition to her concerts in Pest.
His first EP, Amazona, was released in December.

An ambassador of the blending of world music and electronica, whose collections are varied but whose musicality is always centred on emotion and tribal soundscapes, operating with both progressive and ancient elements.
Tribal Market is a resident on Ethnotech and The Musician, and his show Sacraticum on RadiOzora is a regular feature.


A Szeged daredevil who hypnotizes you with South American melodies one moment and evokes the atmosphere of a Berlin house party the next. He can do anything from folk to hip-hop.
A regular at Waldorfest, he has remixed for artists such as Deva and DakhaBrakha.


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