12.21. Thursday 20:30 → Main hall

World music electronics, tribal steps and surprising twists.
Ancient instruments and modern technology meet to find common ground in a mate – unicum.
After Edith and Pontoon, Turbina will now be the venue for tribal gatherings.
Ethnotech has only just turned 1 year old, but it has already grown from a series of events to a music collective (made up of Obadu, NovaN, Zakhorov, Cord, Baladi, Meo Culpa, Diznaray and EarthJam) and will soon be a community label!

Diznaray is a folk & bass formation formed in the autumn of 2022 by Sára Kovács /Dizna/ and György Szatmári /Dure/ (their names may ring a bell from the bands Samsara Boulevard and Takkra).
Their music is both progressive and traditional; they use electronic musical influences as confidently as folk instruments and elements.

Long-arching organic technoid psychedelia, stormy meditations, and the archetypes of wizards singing of time falling apart will be evoked to bring the listener’s mind back to an instinctive, tribal level with the foot drum beats and bass jangle. Cord is no joke when it comes to music; his work has appeared in places like Astrix’s Shamanic Tales label and Merkaba.


Fanni Zahár is a much-heard flutist, one of the best-known Hungarian musicians of her generation, who is renowned in many parts of the world jazz scene, from Berlin to London. Despite his young age, he has worked with countless producers and orchestras. Now he’s added the DJ booth to his instrumentation and will be taking us on a journey around the world.

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