5.05. Sunday 11:00 → All house
Elysium sportday

Join us on Sunday 5 May at the Sport Elysium Turbina, where sport and joie de vivre come together! A day of relaxation for families and all sports lovers who want to get away from the daily grind.
Sport Elysium – Sanctuary of Freedom
Here you will not only find simple workouts, but a special experience where you can recharge your body and soul. You can immerse yourself in the workouts like a hero, and what’s more, it’s a programme where the family can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle together. Request a day off and come alone or bring your family – there’s room for all of you in the world of Sport Elysium!

Lottery and special offer:
Every child who arrives in an action hero outfit will receive a voucher!
With a District Resident Card, tickets to the event are half price!
Vitality Market
Discover the magical world of Vitality Market, where freshness and joie de vivre radiate from every corner. This market is not just a place to find healthy products, but an inspiring hub where health and self-love meet.
Stress Relief Yoga: Annamária Mészáros
In this class, the focus will be on the hip muscles, as this area tightens due to stress and a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to physical pain in the long term, even in other parts of the body. Exercise will help you relax both physically and mentally, and can even help to release emotional blocks. Expect slow, deliberate movement with detailed instructions. Even without yoga experience, feel free to join in! We will start with a short attunement, with breathing exercises that also support relaxation of the nervous system. We will then move our bodies thoroughly, ending with relaxation.
Full Body LIIT full body weight training with Erdős Virág

You are welcome to join us for LIIT, a medium intensity workout, where we will strengthen different muscle groups at a steady pace and relax them with small stretches in between. We will start with core and deep muscle strengthening, then we will focus on the thighs and glutes for several exercises, then we will move to the limbs and move the whole body. We will move to music using our own body as resistance and only touching the ground.
Spine Yoga with Flowers
Spinal yoga is a modern form of yoga that focuses on preventative movement.
HIT training with TOOB team
The energetic duo of Niki and Marilla present TOOB’s HIIT workout, which is super sweaty, tough and yet with a preventive approach!
We focus on quality of movement, correct execution of exercises and with multiple exercise options, everyone will find a challenge to suit their fitness level.
They are worth training with!
Give them a try, they are waiting for you with a big welcome! Go sport!
Unpack your body!

With game master and improvisation trainer Ányos Elek
Awaken your body consciously and immerse yourself in an extraordinary sweaty movement experience that will take you out of your everyday routine strategies through play, dance and improvisation. The focus is now on you, your inner feelings, intuitions and needs. Participating in this programme will definitely change your attitude towards your daily life and the world.
Leave behind all that the drabness of everyday life brings and allow your body to move freely, express itself and participate in the joy of play.
(venue: Great Hall)
Children’s music, interactive play with my music and bona dancing with Eva Hunyadkürti
Rio-style samba batucada dance with Kiss Kati, drummers of Bloco de Samba Girassol
Welcome to a fascinating batucada drumming samba class! Imagine the rhythmic beats merging together and the colorful palette of drums merging in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. This is the source of energy that creates the magical world of batucada, where drums unleash vitality and body and spirit dance for joy in union with the music. Experience the upbeat beats and let the drums accentuate the joie de vivre and dynamism of every minute of the hour!

From 11:00: Opening of the gates, Vitality Market
12:15-13:15: Nappali – Stress Relief Yoga,
Grand Hall – Full Body, Full Body Weight Training with Floral Erdős
Rooms upstairs – Children’s costume party with the Veled Kerek team
13:30-14:30: Great Hall – Flow Yoga
14:00-15:00: Great Hall – HIT training with TOOB team
14:00-15:00 Spine Yoga with Flowers in Nappali
15:15-16:15: Upstairs room: children’s music and interactive games with Eva Hunyadkürti
16:30-17:30: Big room – Samba Batukada lessons with Kiss Kati and live music
This event is not just a sports day – it’s an adventure where you can keep your body and soul in balance. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity and immerse yourself in the magical world of the Sport Elysium Turbina!
Accompanying programmes:
John the Great seated massage. 20 minutes massage with upper body movement, relaxation

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In advance (early bird):
Families: HUF 3500 (1 child, 2 adults)
Adults: 2000 HUF.
Children: 1000 Ft. (2 years and over).
For children:
Families: 5000 Ft. (1 child, 2 adults).
Adults: 3000 Ft.
For children: 1500 Ft. (2 years and over)

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