2.22. Thursday 23:00 → Club hall
EDR x Thursday Techno I Semester Opening
►EDR x Thursday Techno I Turbina I Semester opening I 02.22
After a unique and intense first part of the season, meeting with extremely talented DJ’s and dancing with nearly 3000 people over 5 month, we are welcoming with excitement the second part of the year. And who says new semester, also says new DJ’s to discover and listen to! ⚡️
► What is EDR
Founded in 2017 by a collective of Erasmus DJ’s who wanted to provide an alternative to the mainstream music student party, EDR has been since that aiming to promote the best of Budapest local scene and techno music, in a family-like atmosphere on the Thursdays.
Over the years, EDR became an institution in Hungary with more than 120 different DJs from all over the world playing for EDR in more than 20 different venues.
► Line-up:
Schraeder (DE) (BTM)
Ig: https://www.instagram.com/schraederjr/
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Super Early Bird Ticket – EDR @Turbina / 22nd Feb: 1 500 Ft
Early Bird Ticket – EDR @Turbina / 22nd Feb: 2 000 Ft
Pre-Sale Ticket – EDR @Turbina / 22nd Feb: 2 500 Ft
Last minute / At the door Ticket – EDR @Turbina / 22nd Feb: 3 000 Ft
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