11.03. Friday 17:30 → Exhibiton space
Ebru workshop at Turbina

🌸Traditional EBRU workshop, the art of paper decoration.💦

🇹🇷 Ebru is an art form based on a special tradition of using paint on paper to create patterns by pouring water into a pot. In Turkey, this art flourished in the 15th century and became popular among bookbinders in Europe in the 17th century.

🐄 🌹🐴 The materials are made according to Turkish tradition. The earthen dyes are made from beef jerky and the brushes are made from rose straw and horsehair.

🎨 In this session, you will gain insight into the secrets of Turkish marble painting technique and experience your creativity through different styles and colours. We will work in two pans and each person will make 2 A3 size pictures.

The end result will always be different, depending on your state of mind and the calmness of your hands.

No previous artistic training is necessary!

🌸 Duration: 2,5 hours
🌸 Price: 12.000 Ft/person – (2 pictures/person)
🌸 Number of participants: max. 10 persons
🌸 Contact: borsolya.ebru@gmail.com
Phone: +36 20 279 6262
🌸✉️ Registration: email (borsolya.ebru@gmail.com) with name and phone number, billing details.

I can only guarantee your place after registration and payment.

Cancellations are possible at least 48 hours before the workshop, in which case the session can be made up.

🌸 A little something about me and Ebru:


12.000 Ft/person – (2 pictures/person)

Registration: email (borsolya.ebru@gmail.com) with name and phone number, billing details.

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