4.11. Monday 15:00 → Club hall
Dreamtelling workshop

This event is exactly what it’s called: we tell each other what we’ve been dreaming up lately, in a semi-structured storytelling team-building session with a few surprises thrown in. All you need is a talking head, at least one ear canal, and a carpet-bagger.
These are some of the topics worth “preparing”: “dream catcher” techniques, dream perception, recurring dreams, nightmares, reality/dream merging, parasympathies, conscious dreaming, and just about any other cool dream you’ve ever had your head stuck on.
We are expecting as many storytellers as can comfortably fit around three campfires, so the limit is 30.
We’re primarily looking for enthusiastic applicants who remember their dreams fairly often, but if you have at least 6 dreams that you can remember off the top of your head, come on! Or if you never remember your dreams but like to hear others’, we welcome you with open arms! In fact, everyone, come on!

Registration: https://bit.ly/alommeselo

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