2.24. Saturday 19:00 → Main hall
DJ Bootsie Kvartett 360 fokos koncert, warm up: VENI

After last year’s great concert, DJ Bootsie Quartet back on the 360° stage of Turbina + VENI’s new album launch

DJ Bootsie
His musical output spans almost three decades and shows an exceptionally unique and coherent creative trajectory.
His unique sound has been a standout in the international hip-hop electronic scene since his first album (“The Silent Partner”) on Ugar Records in 2004.
His second and third solo albums were released on the UK label BBE, alongside some of the biggest names in the genre worldwide (J-Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Vadim, DJ Jezzy Jeff, Madlib). He has composed music for theatre and film, and his songs have been featured in prestigious compilations, series and fashion forums (Buddha Bar, CSI CSI series, Vogue.de, Mercedes Benz Mixtape, Marc Cain, DJ Cam-My Playlist…)
In the mid 90’s he was one of the founders of the hip-hop group Az Árral Szemben, a hip-hop group that created the style in our country. In 1996 he won the Hungarian DMC championship (DJ technical competition) as a DJ, and then participated in the related world championship.
With his band, he has been performing live electronic, hip hop and bass music in an innovative way, which has led him to appear on numerous stages in Hungary and abroad.

The DJ Bootsie Quartet’s dynamic concerts are full of virtuosic and soulful moments, with surprising musical twists and turns.
This time, the band performs their best songs in a special venue, on a stage that can be rotated 360 degrees for the audience.
Programming, Effects, Turntables: Vilmos Solymosi DJ Bootsie
Drums: Tibor Lázár
Saxophone, Flute: ??
Percussion, Vibraphone: László Grünvald

On 24 February, the audience of Turbina will also hear the premiere of a special production.
VENI, Veronika Szász, who works on the borderline of subtle electronica, playful jazz and Hungarian folk music, will give a taste of the live version of her new album, which she will perform solo for the first time.
The album Escaping Game is created in the spirit of experimentation, its sound textures are composed of various recordings and vocal manifestations of the author. The improvisational performance of freely pulsating, associative compositions that liberate the imagination invites us into an inner world where fantasy and reality meet. In the drift of the song-like noises, the listener, beyond Veronika’s story, may also encounter a long forgotten or undiscovered self.
Vocals, Programming, Effects by Veronika Sára Szász (VENI)

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