10.28. Saturday 19:00 → Main hall
DJ Bootsie Kvartett, 360 degrees
DJ Bootsie
His musical output spans almost three decades and shows an exceptionally unique and coherent creative path, masterfully blending electronic hip-hop, bass, scratch, film and folk elements, classical music and traces of jazz.
This time, the band will play the best songs from their four albums in a special venue, on a stage that can be rotated 360 degrees for the audience.
Programming, Effects, Turntable: Vilmos Solymosi DJ Bootsie
Drums: Tibor Lázár
Saxophone, Flute: Gábor Weisz
Drums, Vibraphone: László Grünvald
19:00 – gate opening
19:30-20:30 – warm up: MARCEL
20:30-22:00 – DJ Bootsie Kvartett
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