10.20. Friday 20:00 → Main hall
Decolonize Your Mind Society

Decolonize Your Mind Society, the only psychedelic microtonal band from the region, was founded in 2018 by Bálint Szabó Gosheven. It has gained a lot of attention and recognition not only in Hungary but also worldwide with their debut album released in 2020. This is not surprising, since the material – inspired by music from non-Western cultures, non-standard tunings and psychedelic ritual music -, is a truly remarkable and unique production. With their second album released in 2023, the band has created a similarly unique but different approach, this time with tempered tunings from different equal divisions of the octave, coupled with unparalleled rhythms. In addition to presenting the compositions of the previous releases, their Trubina debut will have some unexpected surprises.

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