1.25. Thursday 19:30 → Club hall
Csillagrablók / WheelBite
Starcatchers and WheelBite , finally, sometime, at the Turbina.
Oh, what’s going on?
The Starcatchers are back after a long time with a new line-up, new songs, NEW HOPES, and the show is expected to be amazing.
WheelBite has this to say about themselves:
“Oi! We are WheelBite, from all over the country. We’re counting ourselves from 2023, although we did have a rehearsal in 2022. Fast skate-hardcore, visceral, no overthinking as it comes. A little J.F.A. influence, you know. ”
All was given to make the perfect night happen.
So make it happen!
They’ll be like this:
https://youtu.be/NWQh7N4Imr4?si=ohB0yqiLfJk5F2ht – csillag
https://youtu.be/IA0xUrU4xTU?si=S-3_-lxduUxr_uEm – wheel
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