4.27. Saturday 23:00 → Main hall
CRIME w/ Miss Bashful x DBBD (live)
⭐️ Comeback of the century: It’s Miss Bashful & DBBD live show again at CRIME ⭐️
Berlin’s extra-hot duo, where DBBD is providing the lewd bouncy beats and MISS BASHFUL the cheekily provocative lyrics, will once again be sweating it out at Turbina. Diamond belly button piercings, the biggest hoop earrings possible, purple Juicy Couture crop tops, miniskirts and $lut-off in the most positive sense of will be the vibe. Of course, they are plenty more than just aesthetics, recently they’ve released a $ex¥ new EP, a solo project, and several collabs, all tied together by their hedonism.
In the main room, we’ll also be joined by KAMAFAKA, the local ambassador of the color pink, and our residents CRIME and HEXCODE. Meanwhile, in the clubroom, we’ll have NIKKA, already well known for her cuntribution to the local booty-shaking scene, as well as CRB, who always operate with upbeat sets, and BALARÄM, who will be taking us on a trance journey.
⛔ Sexism, racism, queerphobia, slutshaming, harassment, unwanted touching or hate of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the event!
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