1.12. Friday 23:00 → Main hall
CRIME w/ Aiden
😈 Starting the new year with a bang, we welcome Aiden, R-Label Group’s demon princess for a night of hard dance. From New York to Berlin the British-American producer, DJ, and model is part of a new generation of artists blurring the lines between past, present and future. Her fierce productions blend sounds of hard techno and rave, which landed her on Kobosil’s record label. She already brought hellfire to Teletech UK’s Boiler Room and to the devilish unreal raves, now it’s time for her to heat up Turbina. To keep the temperature high, Kamafaka and Third 2hift will join us, while CRIME & Hexcode will do a special b2b.
⛔ Sexism, racism, queerphobia, harassment, unwanted touching, or hate of any kinds is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the event!
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Happy New Fear – 2024 Ft
Early bird – 3500 Ft
Presale 1 – 4000 Ft
Presale 2 – 4500 Ft
Normal – 5000 Ft
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