11.27. Saturday 14:00 → Club hall
CHILL PILL: in silence

CHILL PILL is a new series focused on providing a listening experience for people at a time where we all are in a state of being overly stimulated.

The series is influenced by the conceptual listening bars that has started in Japan in the 1950s. The focus of these bars is not to talk to other people and to socialize which is the norm but to allow its guests to actually “listen” to music.

These few sentences from Masaki Ariizumi, owner of Bridge a listening bar located over Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan explains perfectly what the listening bars have become
“We wanted it to be a bridge between people. That’s why we named it Bridge. In the beginning, we didn’t really advertise. It was only known to those in the know. We were proud of our underground status. On our opening day, a friend of mine recommended a book by an American author. I thought it captured our concept perfectly. It was about the necessity for a ’third place.’ A place in addition to ‘family’ and ‘work’. This place is somewhere that’s open to anyone, where many different people can mingle and enjoy themselves; somewhere to relax and share ideas. I think such a place is essential. It can be a place where new things are born. Where people gain energy for the next day. As a place to relax it fulfills an important role.”

On our first event we will have in silence behind the decks where the focus musically will be mainly 60s Psychedelic rock and 80s Cold wave.

This event is free but there is a limited capacity of 20 people so if you would like a chance to get in please come before it starts. This is to ensure there will be comfortable seating arrangements for everyone, where you can sit or lay down.

Free entry.

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