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Calle Fuhr: A szerkesztőség – Bemutató előadás
February 2020, Vienna.
OMV is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. It is the country’s biggest revenue-generating company, partly financed by taxpayers. OMV is profiting from the climate crisis, it keeps making deals with Russian oligarchs, and its kingpin CEO, Rainer Seele, earns more than seven million euros a year. Yet despite all this, there are hardly any critical articles about OMV.
A team of only six independent investigative journalists, DOSSIER, does not want to leave it at that and starts to investigate OMV’s shady dealings.
But what happens when such a small team takes on a giant? What else could a company this size be hiding? And how far will they go to cover up the truth and restrict press freedom?
The piece is based on research by the Austrian magazine DOSSIER: Calle Fuhr
Played by Botond Lelkes, Kinga Kádár, Vilmos Lehel, Fanni Hevesi
Photos, videos by Péter Ilosvai
Translator, director: Ádám Hevér
The performance was supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.
Hungarian premiere: 6 March 2024, Turbina Cultural Centre, Budapest
DOSSIER magazine articles about OMV are available here:
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