5.06. Saturday 19:30 → Club hall
Bufo Alvarius / Strompopper

Bufo alvarius

Your favourite psych-punk band from Pest returns to Turbina to present their second EP. There will be tribal psychedelic stoner, here and there experimental post-punk. Never heard before, new songs and old hits. Deafening noise rock, insane tempos, smoke, frogs, blood sacrifice to pagan gods, South American shaman rituals. Brekk brekk.


After a huge hiatus of one and a half month, Strompopper, the most abrasive garage rock and experimental string-pulling act around, returns! For the first time, but hopefully not the last, they’ll be on the Turbina stage, and in addition to the usual drums+bass+guitar, they’ll bring a radio, a telephone and maybe even an electric citera!


2000 huf

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