6.09. Thursday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
BOLYGÓ – Paint a resilient society!

Although we tend to think of the epidemic as a shadow of the past, the effects of Covid-19 are still with us today. The health crisis and confinement have left deep scars on human communities, which we all have a shared responsibility to address.

On June 9th, we invite you to release any tension you may have felt since the epidemic and to use creative means (painting, drawing, glueing, etc.) to dream up a resilient community that can effectively face the challenges of the future.

We will then look at the strategies of the domestic green movements during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the potential and scope for climate activism in Hungary in the post-pandemic period.

The workshop will be led by Dominik Rákos, who will also present the results of his interview research with four Hungarian green organisations!

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Free event.

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