9.22. Friday 23:00 → Main hall
BÓLÉ x ALEX KASSIAN: Tom Select, Manek, Switch Nollie
Immerse yourself in the pulsating house beats on the 22nd of September and raise your glasses to the start of the club season.
Setting the mood for an all-night jam with Alex Kassian, direct from Berlin.
Tom Select, Manek and Switch Nollie will keep the dancefloor of the Main Hall hot for you with their energetic beats.
Alex Kassian is a producer, DJ and artist from Kyoto, now based in Berlin, where he
splits his days equally between making music and astral projection.
Alex’s sound is sophisticated and precise (he previously worked on soundtracks for
contemporary dance and theatre); it’s also lush and organic, cinematic and uplifting,
bursting with optimism and energy, informed by spontaneity and improvisation and
specifically designed to promote the kind of out-of-body experiences demanded
by discerning ravers across the universe.
As a solo artist, Alex has released on a number of labels here on Earth including
Paramida’s Love On The Rocks and Alex Bradley’s Utopia Records.
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