6.20. Thursday 19:00 → Club hall

The bands TAO and Bogázs from two opposite corners of the country will be the main attraction on 20 June in the Turbina Clubroom! The emotional, pop-rock jangle of Bogázs will be followed by the party-dancing romp that TAO is already well known for. Everyone is welcome!

Bogázs is a band from Pécs, founded in May 2023. Combining pop-rock elements with the classical world of flute and piano, they create a fusion atmosphere on stage. The single “Határhelyzet” was released in 2022, the single “Azt se bánom” in 2023 and the first Bogázs album in 2024.

The band members:
Boglárka Völgyi (vocals, flute, piano)
Miklós Varga (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Szomor Richárd (lead guitar)
Kele Dávid (bass guitar)
Viktor Wolf (drums, vocals)

TAO band: singing-dancing alterpop. People playing music for people.

Nurmag Vivi (vocals)
Sárközi Ági (keyboards)
Zalán Huff (guitar)
Szodin Márk (drums)
György Hegyi (bass guitar)

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