10.05. Saturday 19:00 → Club hall
Beri Ary és a Pillangók

Beri Ary and the Butterflies: a band with a very short and troubled life in the second half of the eighties, it was nevertheless a defining band of its time, thanks to the strange, outsider character of its frontman, a composer-lyricist. Their songs, which were not written to be hits at all, strangely topped the Pesti Műsor hit list for many months, but the rebellious members didn’t care. After a stormy break-up as a result of their constant search for happiness and fast life, the band slept for nearly thirty years, only to wake up and reappear in front of their audience every year or so. The band is constantly renewing its musical world, but of course they play the old favourites like the legendary songs “We have the dawn” and “Isabell”.


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