4.21. Sunday 11:00 → All house
Bakelit Turbina

A new venue is added to the map of record markets in Budapest: the neighbourhood of the eighth district’s apartment buildings has been an uncharted area for diggers’ community events, but this is about to change.
A wide range of renaissance records, rare broadcast cassettes and CDs will be on offer to visitors, collectors and traders on 21 April in Vajdahunyad Street
The rich selection of music-related relics (books, sheet music, concert tickets, etc.) will also be on offer, and there will even be an opportunity to cash in on a collection that has been lost or inherited.
Free admission for visitors!

Reservations can be made with Petra Lukács on this form: https://forms.gle/sSTpUg2xjAp8yzbi6

Tables size: 200 x 40 cm, price: 5000 Ft // table

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