4.13. Saturday 20:00 → Club hall
5th anniversary Kakadu & Bölömbika concert

Kakadu & Bölömbika will hold their 5th anniversary concert at Turbina.
One of 2024’s musical rays of hope is the coming together of two of the 90s’ defining alternative bands, Rémember and Warpigs, in a brand new and fresh formation. Add to that the fact that the founding drummer and current bassist of Turbo, a seminal psychedelic rock act, is also a member of the band… Crazy. The band is the brainchild of former Rémember members Fibula (vocals) and Jero (guitar). Influenced by the iconic bands of the era, they have developed a sound that combines melodic introspection with raw and unfiltered energy. Their music is eclectic, like a cockatoo, yet a bit eccentric like a dumbass, making you dance while making you think. Fibula’s unique vocal organ lives in natural symbiosis with the musical compositions. The uncompromising rhythm section of KisBardó and Bálint Gátos provides a solid foundation. Thus, Kakadu & Bölöömbika’s album Grizzly Bear, released in 2023, can already be seen and heard live.

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