4.20. Saturday 19:00 → Club hall
04.20. Midwest Room / See you in Sonora / Black Particles

Come and hang with us at 420 this year at Turbina! On this prestigious spring evening, three bands will take you on a journey of the ear and the mind, through the whole spectrum of emotions.
Opening with the acoustic duo Midwest Room, translating the bleak hopelessness of the American Midwest into Hungarian and making it relevant with their honesty.
See you is Sonora will continue the mood. The instrumental trio’s chaotically complex musical world is at once dissonant and wild yet clockwork-like.
Finally, Black Particles transports you to another, distant plane of thought. The instrumental music that has been dubbed as post-mind can best be described as the musical equivalent of an avalanche or a tsunami. Raw, elemental power that is both beautiful and ferocious in a natural way.


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